The Write Stuff

Last week I began something I haven’t done in over 30 years: I started a diary. Yep, you read that right. A diary. You’re probably thinking: who keeps a diary any more? We are not living in the 1800s, Michelle! Well, the truth is that keeping a diary is actually beneficial for you in a plethora of ways. We’ll explore some of the many benefits right now, and do some guided writing together in the coming weeks.

So, why keep a diary?

*Literacy: When you write daily, you improve not only your writing skills but your speaking skills as well. Diary writing helps you express your feelings, thoughts and emotions in written form, which enhances your ability to express them verbally.

*Stress: Writing your feelings down changes the way your brain deals with stressful information and makes room for more positive thoughts. By not carrying around negative feelings anymore, you are releasing them and giving your body time to process and heal.

*Deeper connection to self: Keeping a diary helps you become more in tune with your thoughts, feelings, and values. It helps you set realistic goals which you hold yourself to.

*Time away from a screen: We spend so much time in front of screens. You can’t walk more than a block outside without seeing someone with some type of screen in front of their face. Research has shown that there is a limit to how much screen time is healthy. Take a break from the screen and reconnect with a pen and paper.

Until next time, friends ~ Namaste!


Rabbit in the Sky

Some of you may be aware that we lost both of our fur babies in 2016.  Macca (our dog) and Vera (our rabbit) were more than pets to Paul and me.  Going through the grieving process for both of them was humbling, life altering, and painful (watch for a Working with Grief blog, coming soon).

Macca and Vera have been our babies since we adopted them in 2004.  They both had unique personalities, likes (and dislikes) and beautiful souls.  I swear I could *hear* their thoughts when I was being irritating, overburdening, or too affectionate.

In June of 2017 we took our first big trip after having lost them both.  It was difficult for me to leave home set out on our journey.  When we had Macca and Vera I had anxiety about leaving them.  What if something happened when we were gone?  How would we get home fast enough?   Did we leave detailed instructions?  All these "what-ifs" abated as soon as we were a few hours from home (with the help of constant texts from Auntie Jenna).  However, since losing them both, it was almost worse to leave.  No one waiting for us at home.  No one to text Auntie Jenna about.  No photos to look forward to of Macca messing up the bed and Vera sitting in her pile of hay.  With great pain in my heart, we left for Canada.

My husband is kind enough to do all the driving on our trips, which gives me lots of time to look at the scenery, which I LOVE.  I also have ample opportunity to think.  Some of my best thoughts occur to me in the silence of the car, watching trees and houses go by.  A few hours into our trip, dusk was falling.  The sky was turning a perfect shade of blue and the moon was coming into view.  I could see it peeking in and out of the clouds the further North we traveled.  My thoughts were on Vera and what a unique and wonderful rabbit she was.  I was missing her company significantly.

All of a sudden, I looked up at the sky and, imagine my awe, when I saw the perfect silhouette of a rabbit sitting in a hand.  The image was created by the moon shining through some clouds.  It was astonishing.  I could hardly think, let alone speak. Eventually I found my voice and told Paul - who was equally amazed - about seeing a rabbit in the sky.  I burst into tears.  My baby was up there.  She was telling me she was happy and missing me, as well.  It was a beautiful affirmation from the Universe - Vera is happy, she is well, you will see her again.  I look forward to that day.

This story makes me cry every time I retell it, it touches me so deeply.  The Universe cares for us and wants us to be happy.  Therefore, it tries to give us what we want.  What I had wanted was my rabbit.  Since I couldn't have her in the physical sense, the Universe did the next best thing by sending me a message: the image of a rabbit in the sky.

I miss you every day, Vera.  Until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge...


Answering the Call

I have been a highly successful and skilled educator for almost 20 years. What am I thinking, considering a career change? How can I just walk away from almost two decades of commitment to the field of education?

The decision took hours of meditation and listening. Yes, listening; specifically to what the Universe was telling me.  

For the past five years or so I have felt that working with young children was no longer my "thing." I took a deeper interest in coaching adults. I have the privilege of being an internal coach at my school. In a nutshell, I help teachers create a positive school environment. My desire to do this full-time ~ work with adults and guide them ~ opened up something in me that was hidden. I had never considered such a career before. That was my first clue.

Along with this, I became more interested in meditation, Tarot cards, connecting to spirits, etc., and less interested in finding a new strategy to help my kids become stronger readers. My path into connecting with the Universe felt right - very natural, as if this had been my purpose all along. That was my second clue.

My third clue came in the form of my current class - by far the most challenging (for a variety or reasons) I have ever worked with. Every day is a struggle, for a multitude of reasons. This prompted the thought, Is this really what I want to do for another 25 years? Isn't there more than this? That was my third and final clue that, yes, indeed, the Universe IS telling me something and guiding me on a path to personal and professional change.

Along the way there have been hundreds of other minute things which have aided me in this decision. Certain songs that came on the radio at just the right time. Dreams that show me the true purpose of my life. Animals that come at the perfect time with a message to guide me on my journey. I keep listening . . . and I pay careful attention to what the Universe is offering me.

The Universe is calling to you, too.  What is it saying?  What area of your life needs attention?  Listen - the world is giving you answers every day.