Ananda Citta for Children

Today's children feel stress in their lives more than children in the past.  Help your children center, calm and discover themselves with these activities.

Guided Visualizations

These guided visualizations (sometimes called guided imagery) are designed for you to read to your child.  You can access them by clicking on the links below.

*Peaceful Butterfly

*Cool at School

*The Thankful Turtle

These sites have a plethora of choices:

Green Child Magazine

Kids Relaxation

Imagery for Kids

The Mindful Word


Photo by  Annie Spratt  on  Unsplash

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Book List

A VERY SHORT list (there are so many out there!) of great picture books to read with your child. Each title is hyperlinked to Amazon.

*Sitting Still Like a Frog: Mindfulness Exercises for Kids by Eline Snel

*Goodnight Yoga by Mariam Gates

*The Grateful Giraffe by Giselle Shardlow

*A Handful of Quiet by Thich Nhat Hanh

*Master of Mindfulness by Laurie Grossman



Coloring Pages

These websites have FREE downloadable Mandala coloring pages for kids (and adults!)

*Super Coloring

*Mandala Coloring Meditation

*Coloring Castle