I offer a variety of services which will be chosen for you, based on your current needs and desires.  All services can be carried out in person or via email.  Contact me for more information or book an appointment below.

Services are $80 per hour. 

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This is where it all begins.  What do you need to make your life feel whole, complete, peaceful?  Where do you need guidance?  What feels out of sync in your life?  During our initial consultation, I will help you dig deeper into your life and create a program just for you.  Your program may include any of the following:

*Chakra Opening/Alignment

*Intuitive Readings

*Personalized Meditations

*Personalized Mantras

*Personalized Outlook for the Month

We rise by lifting others.

~ Robert Ingersoll


Intuitive Readings for People

The universe speaks to you in a plethora of ways.  Cards are a tool to unravel the unspoken voice of your true self.  They help you tell your story by shedding inner light on reality.  Through a personalized Intuitive Reading, I will guide you to the answers you seek - they are already within you, waiting to be discovered. 

Intuitive Readings for Pets

Discover what your animal companion is trying to communicate to you. An Intuitive Reading for your pet looks similar to a reading for you. I still connect to the Universal energy when interpreting the cards, but read them with your pet and his or her experiences, strengths and challenges in mind. Clients have experienced great clarity through these readings.

Tarot banishes the ordinary and replaces it with wonder, awe and power.
~Wald Amberstone

Legal Stuff

By scheduling an appointment with Ananda Citta, you acknowledge the following:

*I understand that the information given in Intuitive (Tarot) Readings and/or Life Mentoring sessions is for self growth, enlightenment and entertainment purposes only. It should not be taken as a substitute for legal, medical, financial or professional advice. I acknowledge that any information from my Intuitive (Tarot) Reading and/or Life Mentoring session is not to be construed as legal, medical, financial or professional advice. What I decide to do with the information received in my reading and/or mentoring session is my sole responsibility. Michelle Boening will be held harmless and can assume no legal liability for damages, losses, or other consequences of any client decisions, subsequent to, or based on, readings and/or life mentoring sessions.